Empowering listeners.

We create sensory technologies to improve people’s lives.

Not only that. We like to listen to people and to make them listen at the best of their potential. We build anti-ordinary solutions that can solve real problems, and which can improve the life quality of each one of us. We believe that personalized technology could liberate people and make them feel more aware. And we believe that hi-tech should be simple, intuitive and accessible to everyone. We are an awarded Italian startup with a team made up of research scientists, engineers and designers who come from the Italian Institute of Technology. We studied the phenomenon of selective listening for years, especially in noisy environments, and we now bring the outcome of our research at your fingertips. Get to know us.

The team


Co-Founder and CEO, engineer, researcher and scientist for more than 15 years in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Assistive Technologies. He coordinated EU and Italian projects; he obtained 3 international patents and he authored more than 40 scientific publications. His mind never stops, except when he is sailing.


Co-Founder and CTO, after a PhD in Robotics and Bioengineering at the Italian Institute of Technology, he founded Acoesis with the other Luca. Perfect Millenial representative, he’s in love with the pop culture of the 80’s. He has more passions than time, especially because he uses it all to perfect GLASSENSE®.


Product and Graphic Designer, she’s always felt attractive by anything that could spark her creativity. She followed her passion and studied Product Design and Visual Communication at IUAV in Venice. Trustworthiness, kindness, reliability and accountability are all fundamental, but her favorite snacks actually come first.



Product Developer, with a MsC in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Genoa. Fascinated by technology and with a passion for sci-fi movies, he’s known his career path ever since. Sociable, driven and very intuitive, especially when he needs to unlock the objective of a videogame.



Hardware strategist, with a MsC in Physics at the University of Genoa. He worked as a researcher in Italy and Germany, then as an electronic designer and software developer for different companies in Genoa. He lives in the countryside and loves his bees, music, hiking and last-minute rides on his motorbike.


Key Account Manager MsC in Cognitive Sciences at the University of Milan. Quick and thorough, in love with the human mind, in her free time she is also an amateur macrophotographer with a passion for spiders with eccentric patterns, German expressionist cinema, graphic novels, and her adorable Norwegian rats!

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