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Daily use

GLASSENSE® doesn’t especially love water. To reduce any risk of malfunction, please keep the glasses far from the rain and in a safe and dry place.
Yes, as long as you don’t have your earbuds in when you’re driving. Before starting the car, remember to put the earbuds back in place on the temples of the glasses. We recommend you do the same also if you’re driving other vehicles, like scooters, caravans or bikes.
GLASSENSE® will be of great help in any noisy situation: in crowded environments such as bars and restaurants, at the supermarket, at the theater and even in nature, where you can select and clearly listen to all the sensory stimuli you choose to focus on.

Personal health

No. GLASSENSE® is a device that helps you listen in a noisy environment. It empowers people who have an intact sense of hearing, or with minor hearing problems that do not require a hearing aid. For any medium to severe hearing problem that can require the use of a hearing aid, please consult your trusted physician, otolaryngologist, or audiologist.


You just have to connect a USB cable to USB port on the right temple and another USB cable to the USB port on the left temple. Both the USB cables must be connected to the charger. The two temples charge together, so it’s important to connect both cables to the glasses. The charge is complete when the blue lights (one on the right temple, the other on the left) are both on. If you still see two red lights on, it means that the glasses aren’t fully charged yet.


Try to charge it and notice if the blue and red lights turn on at the sides of the glasses. If both lights are on, that means that GLASSENSE® just ran out of battery. Wait approximately 2 hours for a complete charge.


No. GLASSENSE® is only available through our certified partners, for now. Fill the form here (https://acoesis.com/glassense/) if you haven’t already and find our trusted professional near you.

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