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NOTE: For undergraduates of the University of Genoa, Acoesis has signed an agreement with UNIGE. Contact person: Prof. Maura Casadio.

Acoesis is open to support corporate training projects in the form of three-year thesis, master’s thesis and post-graduate internships. Interested candidates can contact us at specifying the position code and sending a CV.

Training in operations as a technical employee to support product development and production. Support assembly of electronic devices and verification of quality standards. Management and maintenance of the production warehouse and operational procedures of assembly and verification.

Postgraduate Internship (code TPL2)
Scope: Engineering

Training in corporate quality control. Elaboration of company policies and operating procedures. Maintenance and collaboration to the drafting of certification documentation for company and product certifications.

Postgraduate Internship (code TPL1)
Scope: Economics, Engineering, Law

Economic and financial analysis and forecasting in the field of augmented reality

Master thesis (code TM2)
Field of application: Economics and Business, Law, Humanities

Development of a digital system for adapting the output dynamics (Noise Gate/Compression) of a wearable acoustic device in real time.

Master thesis (code TM1)
Scope: Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Biotechnology Requirements: C/C++ language

Psychoacoustics of speech comprehension in noise: consequences of the post-COVID scenario

Thesis (code TT2)
Scope: Speech Therapy, Neuroscience. Engineering, Biotechnology Three-year

Market Analysis. Virtual and augmented reality in consumer electronics: the special case of wearable devices

Thesis (code TT1)
Scope: Economics and Business, Design Bachelor

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